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You recently linked us back to Lackadaisy Heartstrings and it reminded me: I always wondered what the reference `approximately only 4 people would get` was. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but not knowing is downright torture! Would you mind explaining the inside joke? That being said, I respect your privacy and right to not answer. (( Speaking of curiosity killing the cat, how is Rocky still alive?! ))

Well, I gave in and more or less explained in the description on that page - they’re eating at the Bevo Mill, being offered Bevo, a predominant nonalcoholic near-beer of the Prohibition era.  There’s nothing much to it except that it’s a very silly thing for a bunch of bootleggers to be doing.
I assumed not many readers would know what Bevo was (though perhaps I underestimated), and even fewer would be familiar with the Mill restaurant…so I figure it was just another case of me succeeding in amusing only myself with awkward interjections.  Congratulations, me. 

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  5. indigobugs said: But now we’ve all learned something so its cool. XD
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