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Hi! I would love to buy a book of your comics, but the 4th Dimension Entertainment site says it's on backorder until mid-August. I found it on Amazon, but if I buy it from them, will it benefit you in any way? I really want to support you as an artist.

The softbound book is available and shipping both from Amazon and 4de as of a couple of days ago.  (It’s actually no longer on back order - the site should update momentarily to indicate that.)

Sales through 4de effect me a little bit more directly, but really, do whatever is more convenient for you.  I’m thrilled you’re interested in the book and grateful for the support either way. =)

  1. naviwing said: Okay, thank you! :D I really love your art and your personality. Thanks for being awesome. <3
  2. astracrompton said: Your book is honestly the most impressive online comic-into-print I’ve gotten to date. Worth every single penny!
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