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I'm sorry, Tracy, but a lot of the comics I do not understand. Atlas died in 1926, and his team fled. When Mordecai left? He began work at Marigold in May 1927 or earlier? And will it be drawn farewell scene Mordecai and Victor? This might seem insignificant, because you are author, but for the readers of these details important.
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Mordecai began working with Marigold a little before May 1927, but the fact that he’s pretty new there when the story opens is what’s relevant.  Viktor and Mordecai’s farewell hasn’t been flashed back to directly, but the sort of farewell it was has been alluded to.  Some things about the backstory can be inferred while other major points just haven’t been addressed yet by the comic - the backstory is being revealed incrementally in tandem with the ‘present tense’ story.  It sounds like you already understand the pertinent established information, though.  Is there something that’s still incomprehensible about it?

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