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This is probably a weird question, but do the characters have any set sexuality? I always kind of headcanon Serafine as being into the lady cats...
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By and large, she is.

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Considering the whole Ivy Pepper thing, I thought it would be good to ask before I went ahead with this: Would it be all right if I used the name "Lacy Hardt" for my Drag name? How would you want to be credited?
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Yes.  It’s conceivably a real name.  I can’t really claim ownership of it in an unrelated, non-commercial context and couldn’t very well demand you seamlessly slip intellectual property notifications into conversation or something   If you have a web presence under your drag identity, I would appreciate a small note of acknowledgment. Otherwise, don’t worry about it. Thanks for asking!

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Are the characters' birthdays posted anywhere?
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They are listed in the character section of the LackaWiki and were marked in the calendars that used to be available (and which should be back again for 2015). Here’s most of them:

Rocky - December 19, 1904
Ivy - May 20, 1909
Freckle - March 10, 1909
Mitzi - September 25, the near side of the turn of the century. She swears.
Wick - January 11, 1895
Viktor - April 16, 1886
Asa - August 19, 1884
Mordecai - March 28, 1899
Serafine - sometime between October 25 and November 1, 1902
Nico - July-ish, 1900
Zib - February 15, and about as likely to divulge his age as Mitzi
Atlas - January 3, 1884
Nina - May 13, 1879
Lacy - September 6, 1904
Dom - June 21, 1890



Ivy Bobini by Biniwood

I’m touched by how well it captures Ivy - the dark little insinuation of a cat, easily taken for a shadow were it not her luminous moon eyes.  She died last month.  I miss her so.Reblogging this to thank Jessica for so kindly offering to make this, and to give a shout out to her deft and adorable handiwork. Her other creations can be found here.


Ivy Bobini by Biniwood

I’m touched by how well it captures Ivy - the dark little insinuation of a cat, easily taken for a shadow were it not her luminous moon eyes.  She died last month.  I miss her so.

Reblogging this to thank Jessica for so kindly offering to make this, and to give a shout out to her deft and adorable handiwork. Her other creations can be found here.

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How did you motivate yourself to start your comic? I'm trying to start a comic right now, but I keep worrying about dumb things like art thieves and people who in general won't like it. How did you get past these things and begin?
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Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? 

Theft and haters should probably be the least of your worries at this stage, honestly. Focus your energy on telling a good story, developing an artistic approach that complements the story, communicating effectively with your dialogue and your page layouts, working out a production schedule, and just hunkering down and doing the work (which will probably amount to more blood, sweat and tears than you can prepare for, assuming you haven’t done this before). Those are the things that are really worth troubling yourself over because that’s ultimately how the undertaking becomes fulfilling…they’re the satisfying meaty bits of a creative diet…the marrow even…
…the colorful, delightsome dehydrated marshmallows in the soggy, beige compost of your breakfast cereal…not altogether unlike Life cereal, but not exactly Life, which is a shame because that would really drive this metaphor home…like the Kool Aid man through your living room wall…
(Help me)

There will be people who won’t like your comic. It’s not hard to distinguish thoughtful criticism from ridicule and resentment, though. Filter out the former and sift through it for useful information. As to the latter, well, electronic outrage from anonymous assholes is rather a fact of life in this day and age, isn’t it? No matter who you are, what you do, what your art looks like, how you write, or what you choose to write about, there are going to be people out there who’ll glean some perverse satisfaction from telling you how much they hate it. You can’t spend your life hiding away from inevitable nonsense like that, though, and trying to tiptoe around it by making everyone happy is limiting, sterilizing, and equally futile. Come to grips with the existence of the vitriol, know that along the way at least a little of it will pelt you in the face, and though it will quite probably sting, understand that it’s often more about the individual it’s coming from and their personal issues than it is about your work…then move along because other things are more important. Do the comic for your own gratification foremost. Do it how you want to do it. Do it genuinely for your love of the art, the process, the story, the characters. When you love it, it’ll sustain your interest and will demand to be done with integrity. The quality of your output will reflect that - work really shines when you’ve loved it so much it could kill you - and the quality of the feedback you get will tend to coincide.

Art thievery is a pain in the ass, to be sure, and while it can make you feel like crumpling into a heap, lashing out, setting the internet on fire, becoming a cave hermit on impulse, crying and rage-vomiting all at the same time, incidents are fairly uncommon. When they do happen, they’re usually minor and the internal melodrama is quickly replaced with resolve to continue along and address the problem as best you can. Someone reposting something you made and taking credit for it, slapping your art on a set of table coasters and putting it up for sale in an Etsy store, compiling it with a bunch of other things into a slipshod publication or app - these things happen, they’re vexing, but they aren’t career-ending catastrophes and they’re usually not particularly detrimental to anything but your pride. For rarer but more heinous situations involving revenues and corporations that should know better, the art community at large is usually quick to come to the outspoken defense and aid of artists who have clearly been wronged. You can take sensible precautions as well, like including your copyright information on everything and registering trademarks if you’re making a business of your art.

Yes, conceivably something terrible and personally devastating could happen, but you have to weigh for yourself whether all the good that can come of putting your work out there - the people you’ll share something with, the friends you’ll make, the connections you’ll establish with other artists, the things you stand to learn, the freelance and job opportunities you’ll create for yourself - is worth the risk. I’ve had my share of art theft headaches and heartaches, but if I had to make the choice again, I wouldn’t flinch in decision to share my work online. It has made all the difference in my life and career as an artist, as it has for many others.

Well, that was a lot of words.  Sorry. I hope it contains something useful. Good luck with your comic!

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DC isn’t my jam, but you know what is my jam? Lackadaisy. A pretty damn well known webcomic. What with the webcomics awards and the nomination for that Eisner and all.

You know who else is named Ivy Pepper? A major character in Lackadaisy.

And you know, names can be pretty common. Duplications happen! But if you were renaming a major character in a major franchise, wouldn’t you, I don’t know, GOOGLE the name to see if someone else had used it somewhere, to avoid confusion, lawsuits, or at least a crippling case of side-eye from the internet? And since a quick google of “ivy pepper” brings up a page-full of art, cosplay, character bios, and everything else, it’s not what I call obscure. It is, however, something I’d either call an embarrassing oversight, or (if I was little less generous with my benefit of the doubt) an outright ripoff.

tl;dr: GOTHAM, you didn’t need to rename Pamela Isley anyway, but you could at least have renamed her something original.

Well…that kind of makes me sad, however irrational that is. =/

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed, cowed and immobilized by all the media out there.  So many things are shinier and bigger and louder than what you can do as an individual; there’s so much material, so much overlap of theme, time, place and story, it’s hard to conceive of how you could approach anything from a new or refreshing angle, or how you could say anything without unintentionally parroting everything around you.  You grow secretly resentful toward things that seem to encroach…and secretly embarrassed at yourself for reacting that way. Meanwhile, someone somewhere is stealing your work outright, repurposing it and selling it while you gape uselessly, knowing you have little or no recourse (except perhaps to berate yourself for your naivete and to grow ever more resentful).  And things come and go so fast, it’s like a stampede - if you stumble creatively, you fall into the dust cloud and get kicked to the wayside. Even if you were able to keep pace with demand, the labor would ultimately be lost and forgotten amid a morass of other similar things.

I guess, though, that’s why it’s best when your primary motivation is a smaller, quieter thing unto yourself - a source of personal gratification…and a place you can disappear into sometimes, where all the rest is just noise.

Ugh.  Sorry for all the whiny angst lately.  It’s difficult to rein it in some days when things like this crop up….and most especially when other things are holding me back from doing what I really want to do.

Magic Lantern Projector


We went to a diner today and there was a fireworks shop right next to it. My father wanted to buy punks so I looked around.

And I found Lackadaisy art all over these fireworks. They were called ‘Poker’ fireworks or something like that?

But I fear that this is art theft! And I want to make sure the artist is aware of this.

Yeah, I’m aware.  I managed to get into contact with Jake’s Fireworks (the manufacturer/distributor) about the unauthorized use of my art on their packaging last year.  They say they’ve stopped producing it.  Hopefully that’s true.  There was nothing that could be done about the fireworks already sold to various retailers, though, so I guess they’ll continue showing up for a while. 

Watching various other entities profit off your hard work - fun times. =/

Magic Lantern Projector

I’ve been sitting on these since winter, although I’m not sure exactly why.  I still think about doing a playing card deck someday and started working up some face card designs when I had a little time off over the holidays.  I couldn’t settle on a standardized backdrop, so I began tailoring them to each character instead.

If I were to do a Kickstarter campaign for something like this sometime, would anyone be interested, or not so much?



The humble little indy game I’ve been spending the last few months building is finally up on the App Store!

Get it here!:

While I’ve released many games in my regular job, this is was my first experience working alone on every aspect of a complete game, and taking it from concept all the way to market.

Please give it a try if you have an iOS device! If you like it, spread the word and leave a review! If not… well you can still leave a review; I appreciate any feedback you’re willing to offer :). The Android version is in the works, so stay tuned.

Thanks for checking it out!

Giving this a shout-out because it really deserves the support.  My good friend Jay made this entirely by himself.  What’s more, it’s adorable, challenging and fun to play.  If you get a chance, give it a try!

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Just posting this stupid, scribbledy comic for everyone who commented and sent me notes after I responded to that ask the other day.  I didn’t mean to make a thing of it - I just couldn’t resist replying with snark to something so abrasively nonsensical.  Nevertheless, I ended up with an inbox full of kind/funny messages and, well, let’s just say a self-help book penned by Jack Handey himself couldn’t have done a better job of being that uplifting, bizarre and hilarious.  I just wanted to say thanks for making me laugh.